May 10 Book Club (2018)

Though the memories are now fogged over in a haze of forgetfulness, the notes pinned on my suit confirm that a JETAA Q/A Book Club meeting took place this day at Argo Bookshop.

Participants to the spring meeting, whose names I cannot put a finger on, discussed Yōko Ogawa’s The Housekeeper and the Professor. This famous novel tells the story of a professor, whose memory rewinds like a tape recorder, his housekeeper, and her flat-headed, unfortunately-nicknamed son, √.

Though I cannot for the life of me remember them, I am sure the proceedings were memorable. Notably discussed, I am told, were the roles of memory and family, baseball statistics, mathematics aversion or diversion, and the plight of housekeepers everywhere.

To challenge our leaking memories, the Book Club has next decided to plunge into a longer novel by Canadian-American author Ruth Ozeki, A Tale for the Time Being, which I challenge you to read in less than 80 minutes.

Books Read So Far