First Nations First (2018)

On May 26, under the augur of a beautiful sun, JETAA Q/A and the Montreal JET Desk held the first First Nations First pre-departure workshop (a lot of firsts!).

New JETs, alumni, and guests had the chance to visit the local community of Odanak for a culture-sharing session hosted by Abenaki Anthropologist Nicole O’Bomsawin. On the menu for the day were, notably, a museum visit, traditional Abenaki snacks, and dancing. Participants were able to learn a great deal on the Abenaki people, who call themselves, fittingly, the People of the Rising Sun.

We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to France Bourque-Moreau and Nicole O’Bomsawin for their involvement, without which this beautiful experience would not have come to pass.

And look at all the dancing!