August 17 Book Club (2017)

Did this really happen?

Having followed a vague ghostly apparition, or having simply read the event announcement on Facebook, JETAA Q/A members gathered at their new favourite haunt, Argo Bookshop, to discuss Manazuru, by Hiromi Kawakami.

For this first edition of the JETAA Q/A book club taking place in the Argo Bookshop lounge, participants were treated to lively discussions about grief, exegetic debates and delicious blueberry cake to wash it all down.

But, as the narrator, can you really trust me on all this …?

The next JETAA Q/A book club will take place on November 16 or 23. We will analyse Confessions of a Mask, by Yukio Mishima, again at Argo Bookshop. Please join in! We look forward to welcoming new members and hope to see you then!