Amendments to the JETAA Q/A Bylaws and Announcement

Good evening, everyone,

During the JETAA Québec/Atlantique Executive Meeting on August 15, 2017, Executive Committee members approved a series of amendments to the JETAA Q/A bylaws.

This is the first of several rounds of amendments that will be debated over the next few months.

The first reason behind this exercise lies in the hard work that François Tremblay, the Committee’s Secretary and resident lawyer, put in polishing the bylaws so that they reflect current legal standards. Indeed, most of the changes that were adopted on August 15 are of a purely cosmetic or stylistic nature.

There are, however, other changes of a substantive nature that the Committee wishes to make. Notably, with the upcoming launch of a JETAA Q/A subchapter in the Atlantic provinces, there is a need to clarify the articles related to the creation and administration of a subchapter. The Committee also believes it would be beneficial to specify steps and deadlines for the transfer of power to newly elected Executive Members following the Annual General Meeting. These proposals will be debated during the fall.

Another substantive change that was suggested and accepted on August 15 was to allow the Executive Committee to appoint a JETAA Q/A member to a vacant Executive Committee position. This amendment allowed the Executive Committee to appoint Ms Bianca Granato to the position of Event Coordinator. Ms Granato’s assistance was invaluable during the JET Pre-Departure activities, and her new role will allow her to help the Committee organise and coordinate the upcoming subchapter launch. We invite you to have a look at Ms Granato’s biography on the Executive Committee page: click here.

We also invite you to examine all the changes made to the bylaws: click here.

We feel that the amendments will help JETAA Q/A better serve its members. They will also be presented during the next Annual General Meeting in January 2018.

If you have any query regarding this topic, please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Committee, whose contact information is found at the bottom of this page.

We wish you all a pleasant week.

JETAA Québec/Atlantique Executive Committee