motiMoti Lieberman

Moti Lieberman was a CIR in Yamagata Prefecture from 2004-2005, working in the prefectural International Affairs Office. Since his return, he’s been involved with JETAA Q/A in a variety of capacities, and tries to use Japanese as much as possible. He works as a visiting assistant professor at Concordia University, working on second language acquisition, predictably with Japanese as a focus.

anneAnne Takata

Anne is a dai dai senpai from back in the days when JETs flew business class! She left from Vancouver to work as a CIR in Taito-ward of Tokyo and was involved in the many local festivals of Shitamachi (Asakusa and Ueno areas) as well as provided city related information for foreign residents through a local TV program and newspaper. After her stint with JET, Anne stayed on in Japan with her Japanese husband to raise their three children and teach English. Anne has recently returned to Canada, this time settling in Montreal.

melissaMelissa Dubuc

Melissa was on the JET Programme from 2007-2010 in Hamamatsu City, right in time to cheer Montreal for its Grand Prize of the Jury with a Frédéric Back-inspired installation at the 2009 Mosaicultures. She currently works full-time (and then some!) teaching French to adorable first-years in elementary school during the day and to recently arrived immigrants during the evening. She has been active on the JETAA Q/A Exec since 2010 in a variety of roles, including Vice-President and President, and is currently the Treasurer.

sonomiSonomi Tanaka

Sonomi spent two wonderful years (2009-2011) in Aomori-shi, Aomori-ken where she felt right at home with all the snow. Despite having been raised in Toronto, she is very familiar with Montreal and Quebec as she did her undergraduate degree and masters degree (pending) at Concordia University. She is a huge fan of all things Japanese and can be found watching Ghibli films or missing Japanese cuisine and Daiso. She is proud to be part of the JETAA Q/A exec team for a third year and is looking forward to getting involved in the community in the capacity of secretary.

markMark Rostrup

Mark was on the JET Programme from 2009-2011 in the sleepy village of Iwanai in Hokkaido. He is currently the coordinator of Student Services at the CLC Montreal Language School and the official photographer of all JETAA events. Beware, he may photograph you as you stuff your face full of yakitori!

sallySally Harada
Social Media Coordinator

Sally was an ALT from 2004 to 2006 in the best prefecture ever… CHIBA!!! Her role in JETAA Q/A is to help plan some fun events and to communicate any upcoming events within the community to you through Facebook and Twitter. She moved from San Francisco to Montreal and is looking for people to go karaoke with her.


adele-eliseAdèle-Elise Prévost
Event Coordinator

Adèle-Elise just got back from two fantastic years as an ALT in Murakami, Niigata (2011-2013). During that time, she had the opportunity to be a Tokyo Orientation Assistant and Prefectural Orientation presenter, not to mention an AJET representative for her region, organizing social and cultural events. Adele loves Japanese green tea, desperately misses conbinis and onsen, and looks forward to further opportunities to connect with past and present JETs and the local Japanese community!